04.14.12 Parker Street

Energy Water and Environment (EWE) undertook the environmentally sustainable design and residential energy compliance for 7A Parker Street in Anglesea. The sustainable features of the building are as follows:
  • Northern living area with glazed area open to the North in conjunction with a bare polished slab to regulate daily cold and hot temperature peaks and troughs
  • Natural cross ventilation designed into bedroom and living areas
  • All living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms have high levels of natural light
  • Recycled timber floors and doors (from the demolished 7 Parker Street premises) and recycled carpet tiles have been incorporated
  • Sustainable plantation timber has been used for structure and stairs and for joinery
  • Paints with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were used in conjunction with low formaldehyde emittance joinery
  • Thermal insulation levels of the building are significantly above Building Code Standards
  • Double glazing was installed in living areas
  • Low energy compact fluorescent downlights have been used throughout
  • An LPG fired hydronic panel radiant heating system has been incorporated to maximise thermal comfort whilst minimising energy use and associated greenhouse emissions
  • A solar boosted LPG fired domestic hot water service has been installed
  • A 1.8 kW solar photovoltaic system to feed electricity back into the grid
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